For this process to work efficiently, we need to completely manage the whole process from archiving your images on our servers in a suitable format through to printing, processing and supply. This all-in-one protects you and us from worries and concerns when we receive orders. We can just get on and do it all on your behalf. So here's a breakdown of the costs involved in selling your images.

Firstly, we need to create a shopfront for your work. That will consist of placing your images in various categories to provide the maximum exposure. For example, say you want to sell an image of Dartmoor. We could for example add this to catalogues called Landscapes and Dartmoor Scenes. By adding your work to mulitple categories, we increase the opportunities to sell your work for you. The costs of this are covered by your membership fee and the setup fee.

Secondly, we will have to create and prepare your prints for sale. That means buying consumables such as ink, paper, shipping consumables etc, as well the actual cost of printing. These costs are variable as they depend on the size of the print, A4 is cheaper to print than A2 for example. However, a good rule of thumb is about £6 - £10 to process, print and post your work.

Thirdly, we need to increase your exposure by selling not only through Pixtures, but also working with other shops and galleries. In general, these outlets will demand a commission for their efforts and this commission will be variable depending on the outlet. Normally commissions are in the range 25% - 40%. It is our intention to work with much larger outfits where possible to maximise opportunity. Pixtures commission will obviously be at the lower end while larget outlets will expect higher commissions. We will of course negotiate the best deal possible for you.

As an example, you are selling A2 unframed colour print of Dartmoor for £69.00 GBP to a customer in the UK. The printing costs are £5.75, the payment processing and shipping costs are £8.75 and it's sold through Pixtures for a 25% commission. That's a total cost of £31.75 so you receive £37.25 from the sale. Of course this is just an example, actual costs will vary, but it gives you an idea of the postential income.

Setup Fee: £95.00
Duration: 365 days
Price: £25.00