Let's get your work featured!

As a photographer, or an artist, getting maximum exposure for your work is often more difficult than you would imagine. There's no doubt that you can add your photos to Facebook or Instagram but there you are just one of 1000's of competing photographers and artists. Worse still, tomorrow your images will be in the dust as newer images get promoted above yours. Pixtures is different, we support and promote your work as you develop and grow as a photographer. How do we do this? Simply put we provide you with a permanent, professional online platform on which to display and promite your photography. Interested? Read on.

The first step is simply to sign up for a FREE GALLERY PLAN. This completely free service is designed especially for photographers and artists like you. In addition to your member profile, which will can include links to your own social media pages and website, your images (whether as Flickr albums or not) provide the opportunity for other members to discuss your photography. Importantly, these albums are included in all of our search tools giving you maximum exposure for any number of searches plus they can be shared to Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to spread the word as to how good you are. Where your albums are hosted on Flickr (recommended) - you will need a free or Pro Flickr account for this purpose so see our FAQ's - any changes you make to your albums will be reflected on Pixtures after about 30 minutes so your work is always bang uptodate. We suggest that the very first album you create should be a showcase of your best work across all genres which highlights your depth and experience as a photographer. Additional albums should reflect your interests, for example in portraiture, landscape, wildlife etc. Any images you present should be your very best as these shout to the world just how good your photography is.