Let your ART shine with Pixtures

As a photographer, or an artist, getting maximum exposure for your work is difficult. Sure you can add your photos to Facebook or Instagram but there you are just one of 1000's of competing photographers and artists. Worse still, tomorrow your images will be in the dust as newer images get promoted above yours. Pixtures is different. Pixtures supports and promotes the amazing work of a growing numbers of Artists & Photographers here in Torbay and the wider region providing them with a permenant home to display their work. Interested? Read on.

What do I get as a Member?

In addition to your member profile and bio, as a member on our FREE to display service, you can create two bodies of work which we will then display for you on Pixtures. You will need a free or Pro Flickr account for this purpose - see our FAQ's. As you add or remove images from these albums, this will be reflected on Pixtures so your images are always uptodate. The first album should be a showcase of your very best work across all genres which highlights your depth and experience as a photographer. The second album should be be on a single subject, for example on portraiture, landscape, wildlife, candid etc. Again, the images here should be some of your best as these shout to the world just how good your photography is. Want to go further? Consider opening your own Print Shop on Pixtures.