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One thing will soon become clear when you look at my portfolio, I am very active in my photography and as such, my interests are really diverse. These include sports, landscape, seascape and infra-red photography and up to 2019 I was the main photographer for Bikers Make a Difference (BMAD) events. In addition to my most recent award with the PGAB, I am also an Associate Member of the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) and a member of several photographic clubs in and around Torbay. These include Paignton Photographic Club, where I am now chairperson for the 2021/2022 season and Exeter Camera Club.

Again if you know me, you'll know that I love dark and moody photography and here are a few of my most recent images relating to the age of steam, one of which, Red Dragon has won several photographic competitions. Click on any album below to bring up the fullalbum of photos for The Age Of Steam in Monochrome. Shortly I'll be adding more albums and also developing this one with additional photos so keep checking back.

My most recent images are predominantly outdoor landscape and seascape, with my main interest at present being Dartmoor as it's right on my doorstep. It takes me about 40mins to get out there and its one of the best feelings I know. Here are few of Foggingtor Quarry taken with my Infrared converted Sony. I just love the moodiness that infrared photography gives to an image. Again, if you want to see the whole album, just click on any image.

Like many photographers reading this I have a ot of gear with my preference being Sony equipment. I have several Sony bodies including the Sony A9 and Sony A7s (I have just sold my Sony A7iii) together with some good glass which enables me to cover the wide end down to 10mm- 20mm through longer focal lengtsh in the 150mm - 600mm range. This gives me huge flexibility in my photography enabling me to capture airshows and sports events in incredible detail. You'll find some of my work on the Torbay Airshow elsewhere on this site.