Dave Collerton

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I am the founder of the Pixtures photographic platform and while my true love of photography comes from my interests in candid and street photography but I'm equally happy in the studio and out on location. I have undertaken photographic assignments for local companies and I'm happy to provide low-cost and often free services and support to my fellow artists.

This slideshow below of Torbay is a homage to the place I have called home since 2002, almost 20 years ago now. It consists of images taken over the past couple of years and shows perhaps the types of images that catch my eye. I'm personally not a big fan on pixel perfect photography prefering instead to capture movement and emotion.

A Place to Call Home

A series of photos depicting home for me.


Candid Photography

One of the main themes running through my photographs are people, sometimes in small groups as here, or quite often in isolation. While landscapes have their place in modern photography, indeed for many, pole position, for me there is nothing more interesting than seeing people in their natural environment. While a particular location may well deliver an awe inspiring shot, a cafe will keep on delivering something new every day.

Photography as Art

Although well versed in studio and commercial photography, I also enjoy photography as art and in particular experimenting with photo-impressionism and abstract art forms. Clicking on any of the images below will take you to an album of similar work.

My Commercial Work

In addition to being involved with Pixtures and my own photography, I have undertaken some commercial work which includes photographic training and education. I work hard to support local photographers and clubs through platform provision, for example Pixtures, as well as working closely with other photographers on portfolio and skills development. This portfolio was created to illustrate the concept of "Social Interaction" within our local community.